15 Animals still missing!

I don’t know what to do–I’ve searched everywhere.

It’s frustrating, for sure, although I’m sure I will figure it out soon enough.  I know there are bigger problems and I’ll tackle them, too. It’s just one of the things on my pretty lengthy post-Yom Tov to-do list. There’s one more bedroom to search–I’ve been using that as my dumping ground after the first days of Yom Tov until now.

I have a feeling that something else is missing, too, and when I find the 15 Animals, I’ll find that, too. Thankfully I have my lists of what I need to find, so that’s good, right?

Although it won’t be any other library book–I’ve accounted for all of them.

Anyway, I have a little longer to locate it, because I just renewed it for three more weeks.

Oh, you thought perhaps that this was Zanesville, Ohio?


(The music doesn’t start until 1:40, for whatever reason. Enjoy!)

Wait–did you think I meant stuffed animals?

I’m not that organized!


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