the footstool returns to its place

The kiddies are gone.

Their toys are still all over the place.

So were some clothing, some too small and some just tossed into corners that couldn’t be found in time to be packed. No problem.

There were even some bottles and sippy cups left, I guess, as sweet reminders. They weren’t so sweet by the time I found them, with the remains of the milky of the day three or four days later.

Bit of a problem.

Also dog poop on the shoes of one of the little ones who announced himself yesterday, “Wow, something smells like poop here!” The way that ISHI handled it will definitely be the way that this little one will remember not to announce it from now on but to take care of it himself, whatever the cost.

Cleaning up for the next round of guests, but no little ones. So the footstool that has served in the past as a deadly weapon (as so can so many other things, I have found from usually too-late experience) can go back into the living room after what has it been? Three months?

No, just two.



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