I figured today would be a good day to spend in the car. After all, it was the first nice day we’ve had in a while. Yesterday, I took the kiddies to the library in the afternoon, after all threats of rain had passed.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

Thankfully, my son, the kiddies’ abba, picked us up on the way home. Big boy was looking at every blade of grass and rock and even though we had our raincoats on, and I even had an umbrella for him to hold (I’d manage, of course, without one, since I was pushing the baby stroller), it would have been much too messy to make it all the way home in the driving rain.

So I didn’t quite trust the weather report when they said it would be a nice day today. Oh, maybe a passing shower in the morning.

The morning shower didn’t pass until the afternoon…

I took the car to return a dress that really didn’t match its catalogue description. Of course I could have just returned it to the post office. But I thought maybe there was something even possibly on sale that would be a good replacement. After all, I really do need a white blouse to replace the one I wore to death that has a big irreparable tear in it.

Okay, could use, not need…

So off I went, making sure I had all my coupons, since I planned to go to do some food shopping afterwards. I really didn’t need anything besides coffee (no I didn’t NEED coffee but yes I did neeeeeed it, or would at some point. I only have about 4 on my shelf now.)

As I took off, I realized that I had forgotten my water bottle. Oh that should have been a clue to stop and go back. But no, off I went.

I got to the store, found a few things that might have worked, tried them all on but to no avail. So I went to the counter to return the dress and…

something important was missing.

My wallet.

So I called home to see perchance if I had left it on the counter. Thank G-d for cellphones; thank G-d for someone there; thank G-d it was there.

Where I had clearly not noticed it. Yesterday I had it; I had my library card. But today is the next day of the rest of my forgetful life, I guess.

I drove home very very carefully, not exceeding the speed limit at any point (even while going 20 miles slower than all other cars on the highway).

I carefully put my wallet away.

Later I went for a walk to a friend’s house. She’s sitting shiva now for her father, ob”m. He was much younger than my FIL; she’s much younger than me. Her white blouse is torn now, too.

*Driving un-licensed, that is.


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