the impossibility of kol tuv

I have a problem, I guess existential.

I have been saying “kol tuv”, that I wish you all good,  for a long time now. (See this entry here about the difference between shaloms of all sorts.) But the other night at the mikveh, when a woman who I only see at the mikveh (she’s part of the Chabad community) wished me a good year with only good things, I said to her, “That can’t be. We can’t have only good.”

Come to think of it, I also discussed it here, too. Probably other places, but you get the drift.

My father-in-law has taken a turn for the worse. Ergo, not all good. The woman who I raised the issue with had lost her own father this year, so she knew what I meant right away. But she said that so much good came out of his passing; people did so many good things for them and she heard so many wonderful stories, etc.

I don’t doubt that. I just doubt that I can say “kol tuv” now. Because I should really be saying “May your good things outweigh the bad”.

But that’s a little bulky.

I might just start writing “Sincerely.”

So I sincerely hope that this is a good year for all of us, and that the good includes the slightest little bits of bad that make us human and share this world together.


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