life lessons from a visit to the fire station

And they have nothing to do with 9/11.

My son and I caught up with his family after their romp in the playground today, but with the express wish from their big little one to go see the fire station. He had been there a few weeks ago with his cousins, but you can never go back enough when you’re closing in on 3. When we got there, we joined in a tour being led by Fireman Ted for a family (cousins, also with weird Israeli names. What must they think of us?) It’s the first time I’ve been there in many years and I learned a lot. And I realized that these are good lessons to pass along, so here goes (Feel free to add on any lessons that you can think of, please):

  1. Always be prepared–Now that goes without saying, but here it doesn’t. Be prepared for many things, not just fires. After all, Fireman Ted wasn’t expecting us to join in, nor was the other group preregistered. But he was ready to show us the ropes and the whistles, and all the gear in a delightful way, which leads me to the next point–
  2. Enjoy what you do–Fireman Ted was clearly in love with his work, which included educating the public and interacting with them. And with this, I saw the next points.
  3. Take pride in your workplace,
  4. Clean up as you go along, and
  5. Cleanliness shows pride (not the same thing as either 3 or 4).
  6. Safety first! You’d think this is a duh, but he was great about showing the kids how to line up single file while going in the road. He was showing discipline, which I guess should be the next one.
  7. Discipline matters. But at the same time,
  8. Always expect the unexpected. (Okay, a variation on 1.)
  9. Always be ready for guests to stop by.
  10. Always greet your guests with a smile.
  11. Enjoy your toys, big and small, but always know where things belong. And (most important of all?)
  12. Always put things away in their proper place so you won’t have to search for them when you really really need them.
I can’t think of any more right now; I’m going back to bake my challah now.

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