ad me’ah v’esrim!

From JPost yesterday (but I just read it today):

IN JEWISH tradition, it is customary to bless people on their birthdays that they should live to 120, which was the age at which Moses went to meet his Maker. As far as anyone knows, there is no one in contemporary Israel who has reached that age, but according to a report in Yediot Aharonot, which quotes the Population Registry, there are 669 Israelis who have passed their 110th birthdays.

With the next Knesset elections only 18 months away at most, the people responsible for the Population Registry want to be sure that all the triple-digit citizens who are registered for voting rights are indeed still alive. Election scams in the past have included making use of the ID cards of deceased people whose deaths were not reported to the Interior Ministry. According to the report, Population Registry head Amnon Ben-Ami has asked these super senior citizens to contact his office within 30 days of receiving a letter asking for confirmation that they are still living. Anyone who doesn’t contact the office will lose their voting rights.

Telem Yahav and Akiva Novik, who wrote the story, discovered Zacharya Broshi, a 111- year-old Jerusalemite who was born in Kurdistan and who, despite his advanced age, lives alone, is self sufficient and has all his faculties. A former employee of the Jerusalem City Council, he is also a Worthy of Jerusalem and has received other significant recognition as well. He has been living in the Land of Israel since 1936 and helped to build the Burma Road during the 1948 siege of Jerusalem.

He has numerous descendants, and one of his great-great grandchildren has just been inducted into the army. When the Yediot reporters asked him to what he attributed his long life, he said that it was written in the Torah that one must honor one’s mother and one’s father in order that one’s days be long. He had indeed honored his parents, he said, because it was such an easy thing to do. When the reporters persisted and asked whether he did any exercise, he replied that he dances in the middle of the circle at family celebrations.

A man to be emulated, for sure!


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