I got maxed out


Or, better yet, what would you have done?

If you had gotten to the end of your shopping and they couldn’t figure out how to ring you up, would you have left? Would you do it just to make a point? Would they get it? or would it just be some middle-age silly impatient woman who wouldn’t make any difference?

Where does it mean something to stand up?

Was it such a big deal?

So here’s the story: I went to buy some office supplies at Office Max. I’m naming names now. I had coupons–$5 off $25 and a $10 coupon. I handed the woman the 2 coupons right at the time I started giving her my stuff.

Did I say woman? I meant girl. That was definitely one of the problems. She was much more inexperienced than experienced. That is to say, she didn’t have any idea of what she was doing. So she rang up the items, counting the folders one by one and then again, and then ringing in the coupons, one by one.


She didn’t take them in the right order. We learned that the hard way.

The really slow hard way.

Silly me. I wanted the extra $10 off and the receipt wasn’t printing, even though she claims that’s what the machine thinks. But apparently, the machine disagreed with her assessment of what it thought.

First, she had to have someone come help her.

That didn’t work.

Then she called for the manager.

He was obviously helping someone else.

For at least 10 minutes.

“Couldn’t you just cancel the order and start over?”

“No, because it (oh I don’t even remember what she said, but basically I was in the Twilight Zone of computers. Which is ironic, since I was in a store filled with computers.)”

So she called for the manager again and another clerk came over and tried to do something, but that did nothing.

By this point, I was ready to call my credit card company to cancel the order. As I took out the card to read the number, guess who shows up?

So this manager punches in some numbers and walks away.

Guess what still doesn’t work?

So he’s called back again, reworks the numbers, putting the coupons in the right order now, of course, and then she tells me to swipe my card again.

“You’re kidding. It didn’t go through the first time? I’ve been standing here this whole time for nothing?”


I walked out.

Yes, I forfeited all that time, plus my coupons.

But I was making a point, right?

Postscript:  I went to Staples in the afternoon. As soon as I walked in, someone came over to me and asked if I needed help, and continued to help me with every step of my shopping list. I didn’t have any coupons; I even bought something else that I had forgotten to “get” at Office Max; it turned out to be cheaper than it would have been there.

Granted, I didn’t get 4 boxes of Crayola products for the grandchildren there.

I only got one.

That will have to suffice.


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