how do you get to the senior center?

Practice, practice, practice.

So now I know why it’s repeated three times.

Or is that “location, location, location?”

Well, in this case, it works to repeat.

This morning, there was a lot of confusion out on the road. I was driving to work, but I couldn’t get past the street next to mine. There was a  traffic jam, quite unusual for that little block. One car was blocking one road, and two more were stopped on the adjoining street.

So what could I do? I had to wait and see what was going on, thinking, in the mean time, it would have been faster to walk, except I was lugging a big bunch of books and papers.

Then the car that was stopped pulls ahead onto the road I was on and then the driver’s window goes down.


“How do you get to the senior center?”


“Well, you go down that road you just turned off and continue down the street to the circle and then go up the hill and then go to the end and you’ll see the street that it’s on.”

I was pretty sure that they would have to ask someone else pretty soon.

There is a whole bunch of road repair going on, so there’s all this detouring. That I figured out right away was the first part of the problem.

But I didn’t get the real dilemma until later on, when I was walking and I looked at the sign going into the street he should have gone on. It said “Do not enter during the hours of 8 am to 3 pm”. It was a little after 8 when the encounter was encountered.


He forgot to read the part afterwards when it said “On school days.”

Too many details to reconfigure.

But maybe when I said to go down that street, he felt entitled to go down that street, even at 8 am.

I’m hoping he did, at least. How responsible should I have been to make sure he got to his destination? Perhaps I should have had him follow me there?

Perhaps I should.


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