a delightful thing happened on my way home this morning

“Why did the flip-flops cross the road?”

“To get to the other side?”

“NO! Because they weren’t wearing their seat belts!”

I stopped to hear this interchange while walking. A little girl who often is playing outside, which is nice enough to see in this day and age, was holding a letter excitedly waiting for the mail truck. Sure enough, when the truck stopped there, she jumped to hand the letter to the letter carrier. That would have been sweet enough, but then she (the letter carrier) said to the girl,

“What joke do you have for me today, [name]?”

And that’s when the aforementioned joke was relayed.


Another title I thought to use was

A Very Good Reason for the Delay in your Mail Delivery

but that would have given it away.

But maybe giving things away, like your time, isn’t such a bad thing after all.


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