a nice thing happened on the way from the market

I did my usual big shopping today at Costco for the program that I administrate. So Costco is a great place to go, especially since they try to cater to the kosher consumer. They’ve even improved how they do their check-out, with one guy working the register and another unloading and then reloading the carriage, with me frantically grabbing the things that I want to be bagged before they get caught in the big big cart.

At the same time, I try also to separate the few things that I buy for my house, putting them in bags in the back seat, leaving all the other things in the trunk for the program.

So with the sorting once I get to the car, I realized that I couldn’t find the bag of lettuce.

I look in the back seat; I look in the bags I’ve already put into the trunk.

Oh. It must have fallen out of the carriage. I’ll have to go back into the store and hope that I can make a good case and claim it.

Oh but what if they don’t believe me?

But this is Costco. They’re very nice people and they’re known for being good to their customers.

No, wait–is it that they’re known for being nice to their customers or to their employees?

Or is it both?

I know it’s to their employees. Oh now I’m starting to get anxious because I’m supposed to be meeting someone in a few hours and if I start to get caught into all the stuff inside, I’ll be late. I hate being late.

And if I go inside, the stuff in the car will start to go bad. I bought ice cream and that’s going to be bad news.

And now I’m feeling bad that I didn’t take a little longer to bring the bigger cold case with the ice packs, but I was supposed to be just going right home.

And I’m feeling all the anxieties rolling over me, and this is probably about one minute’s worth of thought.

And then I hear this guy at the end of the parking lot say,

“Hey, is this yours?”

And I look up and wouldn’t you know? There’s my lettuce!

“It might not be good anymore–you better check it.”

“Thanks! I was just about to go back into the store to find it!”

He didn’t have to know all the other thoughts racing around in my head.


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