“it’s almost the three weeks, so it’s time to…”,

said ISHI to me earlier today. What did ISHI say? Can you guess?

I figured I’d make a list of things it’s time to do and then I’ll get around to the correct answer provided (what he said).

  1. do whatever clothes shopping I was thinking about doing, even though you can buy things on sale (but not wear them), but I figure I needed some lightweight clothing for this hot summer. Also, my clothes keep getting stained, even with my super-duper washing machine:(.
  2. listen to music. Good music. Yes.
  3. go to the movies? Nah, nothing playing. Go to the theatre? Hardly.
  4. I can’t think of anything else that I would miss. Have a party? Not unless I have to. Sorry that I’m a party-pooper.
  5. eat meat before the 9 days? Again, you got the wrong person.
  6. get a haircut? Yes, that is it. That’s what ISHI was mentioning.
  7. think about Yerushalayim and why it was destroyed and whether we have learned our lessons? Yes, that’s definitely the correct answer.

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