what i saw on my way to shul this morning

I saw these two baby ducklings waddling across the street, into a yard. Then I saw a wild turkey with these ducklings, which made me realize they were actually baby turkeys, which I just learned are called” poults”. It looked something very much like this:


I stood a while to enjoy the scene, then they scattered off behind the house. As I continued walking, I spotted something no one should ever have to see.

There was a man washing his car at 9 am in the morning, not wearing a shirt.

He was, as the Bible says, “an hairy man.”


The only good part about that was that he was not facing me, so he couldn’t see the disgust on my face.

I walked along quicker at that point.

The day was very full and I walked back and forth again later.

This time I saw beautiful children, with moms and dads and people strolling.

What a beautiful world we live in.


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