simple rant, to be followed by larger deeper rant, only if i have time

Amazon, are you listening?

I ordered a knife, a kitchen knife, to be used in our shul. I hate the ones that we have there, since they’re not sharp enough to cut through anything other than my fingers. It was suggested to me by a professional chef to get Rachel Ray (I know!)’s brand, not too expensive and pretty sharp, holding its edge for a good long time.

Okay, check on Amazon. Only $18.50, with Amazon Prime for a 7-inch knife! Great!

Oh, I thought it was originally $45, but it was marked down from $19. Okay, fine.

Here’s the knife, btw.

Furi Rachael Ray Gusto-Grip Basics Line 7-Inch Cook's Knife

Remember, it’s only a 7-inch blade. Altogether, maybe 11 inches? In the hardcase plastic, okay, now it’s 25 inches?

Here’s how Amazon packed it:

You can’t see the knife?

Oh, I have another photo.

There it is!

I guess the package is their big smile.



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