oh no not another mouse tale!!!

I’m almost too tired to even capitalize my letters. actually i am too tired. switching to Word now so i can be an idiot and it will fix all my mistakes.

But I’m not doing the “if you do this, then this happens.”

You’ll just have to take my Word for it.

This is a continuation of the other day’s story of moving stuff, in case you couldn’t figure out or if you happen to fall on this site (if so, welcome).

Today I decided to move a liquor bottle that I had found in a kitchen cabinet that was not locked. I had moved it the other day away from the original spot, but now I wanted to move it to ISHI’s office, where it would be well-locked. And that’s where we had moved the other stash of liquor, both to get it into a locked spot and also out of the heat of the kitchen.

(Have I mentioned how there’s still no air conditioner in the kitchen? Where there’s a huge commercial range

72-in Range w/ 8-Burner, 24-in Griddle, 2-Standard Ove

that is always ridiculously hot?


Oh. They’re working on it.)

When I went to put the bottle into the box that has the rest of the liquor, I noticed a box of Tam-Tam crackers.

(Have I told you the story of how ISHI, being allergic to poppy seeds on the crackers that my mother had  put into a non-poppy-seed-marked Tam -Tam box, had his entire body swollen from eating the crackers and finding the poppy seeded ones a little too late?


Another time, perhaps.)

So not trusting the Tam-Tams, I thought I’d take a better look at the box, so that it shouldn’t cause more damage 36 years later. Sure enough, it was a Passover box from 2008. Ewww, did it smell! But as I was carrying the box to bring it back to the kitchen to dispose of it properly, it slipped

And fell

Right next to a box on the floor of ISHI’s study.

The box I had been searching for in our home for months.

And months.


Well, since last summer.

It was full of papers and brochures and pamphlets that I knew I had.


And that’s not enough.

In the box, on top of all my stuff, was an assortment of papers. Much of it looked like it was being designated for genizah,

so I started sorting.

Okay, also a bunch of non-genizah, really fine to recycle. New pile.

Deeper level? Mail. Receipts. Phone messages. Checks.

Oh, that’s where our February check was.






Oh, I threw away the crackers and recycled the box.

And ISHI ran to the bank.


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