I really don’t like getting annoyed at people. I would much rather not have this to complain about; I’d much rather not complain at all, really. But once again, I was dealing with a deadline that I gave people and once again I reminded them again and again, and once again, the day after the deadline, even with all that fair warning, someone blithely said they’d like to attend this function. I wrote back, saying that I had said there was a deadline, but perhaps I could figure out how to make it work and I’d get back to them. And their response was,

“No problem–I’ll just have the kids come.”

So they are not included in the deadline?

I don’t get it. I don’t get people’s insistence that they are exceptional, beyond any rule. They would of course demand the rule for everyone else, but they? Oh no, they’re too special.

Or some other Mad Lib word I could substitute.

Yes, there’s a balancing act with needing to take yourself seriously enough, standing up for yourself, and looking to respect the needs of others.

Learning to say yes and learning to say no.

This is a tie-in to the parashah, something I liked from Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks (Lord, that’s a lotta name):

Chukkim are Judaism’s way of training us in emotional intelligence, above all a conditioning in associating holiness with life, and defilement with death. It is fascinating to see how this has been vindicated by modern neuroscience. Rationality, vitally important in its own right, is only half the story of why we are as we are. We will need to shape and control the other half if we are successfully to conquer the instinct to aggression, violence and death that lurks not far beneath the surface of the conscious mind.

Oh, so it’s all a training exercise. Now I get it!

Shabbat Shalom.


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