#11 on the list

I should have added this one the other day: Make sure you have a large enough dancing area. Put the tables closer together, to create more space. People shouldn’t have to trip over each other while dancing. That’s a drag, literally.

Oh, which leads me to #12: Don’t have things dragging on the floor on purpose, like the mechitzah for dancing. You’re going to guarantee one of three things. Either people are going to trip, walk instead of dance, or stop dancing all together and clap while the kallah dances and gets exhausted and has to sit down and then people can dance around her again. But then you need to have the space to dance.

This makes me feel like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Because everything is connected. Concentric circles of life.

So don’t switch into separated little circles. That makes less room for everyone.

Unless you’re forced out of the big circles. Then do the best you can.


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