quick–does this baby look genderless to you?

ImageMore on this story here and here.

It’s been something that’s been bothering me for a while now, this pretense of innocence of children and inability to be blamed of parents. And don’t get me started about the ridiculous effort in San Francisco and now perhaps Santa Monica (oh the saints are rolling over in their graves for this one) to ban circumcision for boys under 18, since they should be old enough to make that decision for themselves without their parents mutilating their bodies. As many have pointed out, only there will you be able to kill a baby but you can’t cut off his foreskin.

Get over yourselves–you’re going to make mistakes that will brand your kids for life. They’ll manage, hopefully by having other role models other than you in their lives. It’s called balance. Why stop with gender? Why not shave his head? Change his eye color?

Oh, I said “his”.

Well, I’m not his parents.

It’s true. We’re mostly alike, men and women. And we’re mostly like chimps, while we’re at it. But we’re not chimps, are we? The differences make us unique and holy.

Vive la différence.


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