does my new dishwasher make me happy?

Not really, of course. How silly for me to ask!

But my old one made me unhappy. So the removal of the unhappiness does, in a way, make me more able to be happy. It’s the removal of the impediment to my happiness.

If only.

But, when I do take a moment, I do reflect on the little things that do make our lives easier.

This attitude somehow does not translate too far, it seems.

While Syria falls apart and still manages to blame Israel, while what exactly is this guy planning on doing with this knife?

And then, if that’s not bad enough, there’s a woman who has become a representative of the troubles in Libya these days. She, like so many other women in the Arab world, has been raped and held prisoner. Her family and friends started a support group on Facebook called Free Iman Al-Obeidi. Thankfully, she has escaped from Libya, but is still not out of danger.

But, wouldn’t you know it, what shows up today but a bunch of indignant posts about those you-know-what’s from Israel shooting at those poor freedom seekers from Syria.

Apparently, the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, when that aforementioned enemy is Israel.

The administrator of the site reminds the group that Libya’s issues are what should be posted here, but they’ll gladly post links to other issues, just not discuss them. One fellow reacts:

I would like to request admin of this page to please shed light on the nature of the post/videos we are allowed to post here. It seems post/videos against Israeli oppression is not being welcomed on the main page even though it is also an oppression in another location and very much consistant with the stand we have against oppression. Iman Al Obeidi represents all oppressed people. I also would like admin to decide if certain post/video is against the principals of this page instead of all other participants making judgements against that post. Admin’s decision would be the last one and we all would follow that. I would appreciate your response. Thank you.

And this is the official response from the moderator (I do think another word should be found, in light of these remarks):

I think that the Palestinian cause is a very important and valid cause, one of which remains close to my heart. Today I was deeply disturbed about news that has emerged. However, as I hadto remind myself today that the page is for Iman and Libya and perhaps we (me included) could post such discussions on the discussion board. I took the same stance with the Osama bin Laden topic and to be fair to all members, I will take this stance about other issues also as I feel it cannot be one rule for one and one for the other. Please feel free to Start a discussion on the DB about any issues you feel need discussing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your input on the page, you have been here since probably day one, I remember when your post was featured in the Guardian back when we had less than 2000 members, therefore I appreciate you asking for clarification.

Yes! Oppressed people! We love us our martyrs, even if we have to manufacture them ourselves, say Hamas and Hezbollah, and even Abbas gets into the act.

And we’re being intransigent for not wanting to make peace with these people?

Yes, my new dishwasher makes me very happy. I’ll be even happier when I find a good one to put into my place in Israel, sooner than later.


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