does your dentist do housecalls?

Mine doesn’t either, exactly, but he does bring us fresh fish right off the boat!

And he gives recipes, too.

He says that the best way to get rid of the gamey flavor of white fish is to marinate it in milk for a while, then cook it with some more milk and some cheese on the top. I will probably use white wine, as I usually do, and maybe for the sake of gratitude, put some feta on top. Thank G-d we’re not meat eaters, right?

I didn’t want to say that gamey is not the word I would use for fish; I would use the word fishy. And white wine really does work.

On top of bringing the fish to us, he offers to take ISHI fishing on Friday mornings, but somehow that’s not a convenient time for him.

He says that in a few weeks, the birds will be particularly magnificent where he goes out to fish. I forget why, exactly, but it doesn’t matter. It makes it more of an offer that he feels he can’t resist, since he knows how much of a bird man ISHI is.

But he probably will.

Would it be something he should do? Probably.

That never stopped him before.


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