another bit of mishugass i am posting, but probably the most important, so

don’t mistake it for forwarding, please! I actually want to help break this pattern.

This is the body of an email that I got last night. It also included 5000 email addresses to whom it had already been sent.

—–For those who believe in  segulot (A  mystical Jewish formula for good mazel)…and  who of us can’t use that!?

Please  do not  break! Just 27 words.

“GOD our Father, walk  through my house &  take away all my worries &  illness & please watch over & heal my  family …  Amen.”

This prayer is so powerful. Pass this to 12  people  including me. A blessing is coming to you in 4  minutes of a new job, a house,  marriage, good health, or  financially.

Do not break or ask   questions

I did return a message to my friend. I said this:

It’s nice to hear from you but…

  1. I don’t believe in segulos
  2. I don’t forward chain email messages

Other than that, I’d love to talk some other time.

Kol tuv,

It’s from someone who I don’t see on a regular basis, but always enjoy seeing and catching up with when I do. But this would require a very long conversation, apparently.

Plus this version is missing 3 words. (I know, why would I bother counting them up if I don’t believe them?)

Do you think that’s the difference?

Oh dear Hashem, as one of my cousins says, I found the missing 3 words!

Could we please go back to just reading Tehillim and thinking that can be a segulah? At least that’s authentically Jewish.

And, even beyond that, could we please take responsibility and read meaning into everything and find out what everything means? Can we start believing in our own competencies? If we can’t, can we start?


3 responses

  1. And I thought was the only one to break the chain,its one thing to share something you like and its another thing to expect something magical to happen if you don’t.and the chutzpah to ask someone to do something like bother people you know.

  2. oh all of the above! but the [problem with sharing something you like with the command “don’t break the chain”…well, that’s just another little point about karma…

  3. btw, did you see the 3 little words that were missing from the “request”? i didn’t want to put them on my page!!!

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