my version of dayenu

I was thinking about the following as I was doing more cleaning this afternoon. You can let me know what you would add to the list, if you want.

If we didn’t have vacuum cleaners and had to do everything by hand,

If we didn’t have ball-bearings to swivel the sofas, the chairs, the vacuum cleaners to reach every corner of the universe,

If we didn’t have microfiber cleaning cloths, disposable cleaning miracle products, and cleaning help once a week,

If we didn’t have cars to take us back to the store for the millionth time to get the things that we forgot the last million times,

If we didn’t have cellphones to call the husbands, the neighbors, the friends, the family

At the store, at the park, in the parking lot at the store,

If we didn’t have our smartphones linked into our computers with our virtual print-outs reminding us all the things that we need to do/remember…

Would it be enough?


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