time mismanagement

Of course, I’m supposed to be cleaning.

I am, in a way. I’m just taking a break. I need to let my hands warm up after cleaning the fridge.

Of course, during my break I’m taking a second to jot down my thoughts while I was cleaning.

It might be more than a second…

Our inability to figure out how to do this Pesach countdown just might be actually part of the work that we need to do. After all:

We read, in the Haggadah, that “b’khol dor vador chayav adam lirot et atzmo k’ilu hu yatza mi-mitzrayim.” In every generation one is obligated to see oneself as one who personally went out from Egypt. The Ashkenaz Haggadah says “lirot et atzmo” – to see oneself. But the Sephardi Haggadah, following Maimonides, reads, “le’harot et atzmo” – to manifest oneself. Rambam (Maimonides) indicates that we are to act, in some tangible way, as though we ourselves went out from Mitzrayim (Egypt). Rambam’s reading underscores the connection between history, memory, and action.

So we are re-enacting our history of leaving Mitzrayim by our cleaning process, including any spring cleaning that we are doing along the way. And if we are unable to figure out how to do it in a reasonable way, then we are fulfilling the mitzvah in a more exhaustive way!

Should I file this under humor or irony?

Irony it is.

2 responses

  1. well i just finished cleaning MY fridge and i think taking the time to loosen you fingers and think about what we are doing is honestly more good time management, if time can bring us back to how we were in mitzraim and forward to our dreams of Next year in Jeruusalem then i guess we are we we are right now and we really don’t have to judge ourselves for doing something other than what we are doing, cause someone has to clean the fridge!

  2. Yes you are so right to be focused on the future–that’s what I’ve been thinking about. The exercise of the seder(s) is to figure out our geulah that certainly hasn’t happened yet!

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