what can you do from rosh hodesh?

I have not been at my best for the last few weeks. I also think that because I have been told I am not well that it is making me feel weaker. The power of suggestion is so bizarre and I am so wary and yet so vulnerable these days. I have been very scattered lately and not physically strong, which are both against my nature, so I am having trouble with this new identity. I hope I can revert to my old one soon and if not, I will have a hard time settling with it.

So of course my Pesach preparations have not gone smoothly.

That’s actually not so true. My spring cleaning has not. Pesach has not yet been impinged upon, I think.

I hope. After all, it’s still one week away. I know what I’m serving for the sedarim. I always just switch from the first night to the second and visa-versa each year. People don’t seem to mind, or at least they don’t mention it. And I guess it’s good enough, because they always eat. So that’s not a problem.

I did all my dairy purchases last week. Of course, I forgot to buy food for the week.

No problem–in reality, I have still enough food stored up for more than this one week, and, besides, it’s a good thing to use it up.

I did buy fresh lettuce, so we’re good to go. What else do vegetarians eat, anyway?

When is it reasonable to start the turnover, anyway? I know I’ve mentioned this before and apparently, I inspired someone to make a very complete (and fascinating) timeline. And the fact is that I’ve saved a lot of things from years past (including food items and menus) that make it easy to just go into automatic mode.

When the haggadah says

“One may think that …. must be from the first of the month. The Torah therefore says, `On that day.’

what is it asking? It’s that wonderful ellipse that tells so much (another pause that refreshes, wink-wink). It’s of course in context of the haggadah, telling us about the nature of the telling of the story of Pesach, the timeline for the story. I have more to say about that, but for now, let’s focus on why it’s in this shorthand.

I think it’s giving us a realistic timeline for Pesach preparation in all its forms, food, cleaning, and yes, Torah. You really shouldn’t have to begin going nuts over a holiday more than 2 weeks ahead of time. And that’s a good gauge for me. Of course, I’ve been coming up with amazing insights about Pesach and our Jewish destiny, mostly on Shabbat, of course. It’s all about our sense of geulah going ‘way past the redemption from Mitzrayim. But, of course, I don’t really remember what I said, especially because I’ve been in such a fog, but I know that I thought of some important stuff.

At least I think the insights are amazing, but so does ISHI. The Shabbos wine doesn’t hurt with the amazement. I’m not sure he remembers what I said, either.

Maybe I’ll redeem myself on Pesach.


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