my four questions

Why do these things happen at night?

On all other nights, the kitchen sink bubbles sometimes when the dishwasher is on. But on this night, why is it bubbling when the washing machine is running?

OAON, the toilet sometimes doesn’t flush, but why was it so low down to begin with and then why didn’t it flush?

OAON, wait–why is the bathroom rug sopping wet and why is the wall wet?

OAON, wait–what’s that dirt in the bathtub?

So the wise son looks in the basement and sees that the floor is wet and thinks about the afikomen–what came last. Was it a waste pipe leaking because the septic system is backed up? Or was the waste pipe leaking because there’s a problem with the toilet?

And the wicked son says, “HaHa. Just in time for Pesach.”

And the simple son says, “what’s next?”

And the one who is so tired and sick says nothing and rolls over and tries to go to sleep.

“We’ll call the septic people and the plumber in the morning”, says the wise son.

Thank G-d, the septic people and the plumber agree that toilet paper is the culprit (you just can’t have fancy extra-absorbent tp around here) and that there was no pipe burst, just a little extra-shprinting, and we should be all set.

And I sing the same song of thanks.


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