i’m literally falling apart

Okay, I’m inviting trouble with that opening salvo, I know. But I’m doing it on purpose. I’ll get back to the expression at the end of this, I promise. Or at least I’ll try to, because, of course, I am falling apart, so I might not remember.


I spent a long time at the dentist this morning as he tried to resurrect a tooth filling until he gave up. It will have to get a crown, but it will wait until after Pesach. The frustrating thing is that there wasn’t any decay, but the filling had cracked because it was just too wide and took up too much of the tooth.

The tooth is gone, long live the crown.

So ironically, even though I dread the numbing of the mouth before the novocaine and I further dread the novocaine shot itself, because I am on extra-strength anti-inflammatory meds to try to alleviate the pain from my pinched nerve (thus the loss of feeling in my right hand), I didn’t feel it as much. So I guess that’s how to get through any kind of procedure, by overmedicating for something else.

No, that’s really not my way at all. In fact, I’m avoiding taking more stuff that the doctor prescribed because I don’t trust meds. I would rather do almost anything else than take stuff because I really know chemistry is much more complicated when the body full of all kinds of variables interacts. Especially when it’s my body.

When I was making an appointment to get the crown done, the receptionist noted that ISHI was also coming in then for one. She thought that was very romantic.

I thought that we are both falling apart.


Which, of course, brings me back to the use of the word. Here is a case when I am falling apart, literally. My filling was falling out and my tooth is following. But it also brings to mind all the people who overuse the word. You can click on this link to see the principle illustrated ad absurdum, but I really can’t reprint it. Not literally, but if you go there, you’ll see why.

I found a great video from Mad TV that literally illustrates this phenomenon that I can show here, I think. Enjoy.



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