avoidance behavior or disorder?

There are a number of people who, if in different worlds, could be described as stalkers. These are some people with seriously limited understanding of social behavior, yes, sort of like how Mark Zuckerberg was portrayed in The Social Network. Good film to watch on a plane, btw.

And back to the subject at hand: In particular, I’m talking about dozens of people who chase after ISHI, expecting him to fix all the broken things in their lives. Often, they don’t realize how broken they are (the things and themselves), but they think that the other person in the relationship (again, often broken or breaking marriages) is terribly broken. And deluded. And they, of course, bear no blame for the situation. Even if they do accept responsibility, or at least a little, it’s often much too little or late or skewed beyond repair. He gets put into a courier position, as they think he should be delivering their messages.


That’s what the lawyers are for.

But they have to be paid!

Point made. But lost anyway.

And then there are those who expect him to do their work, making connections for them, not listening to “I can’t do that for you” but only hearing “I can do that for you”.  And of course, he always says he’ll do something for them, so what would they expect?

But there are the times when he definitively says no and they still hear yes. There are people who have moved away and still expect him to do their miracle work. Some because they haven’t found new connections or their connections to him are deep, so that’s okay. But those who are too lazy? timid? obstinate? don’t, which may be a large part of their problems, of course.

Spiritual leader, bartender, it’s pretty much the same thing. People don’t listen; they only hear themselves talk, but they really need someone else to be there for them.

Overstated, I know.

But for those who believe me it is quite understated, I wish they’d get the message when ISHI doesn’t answer their phone calls (thank G-D for caller ID!), doesn’t return their emails, doesn’t take the bait.

Find someone else who will and please please please leave us alone. But I won’t tell you that. You’ll have to figure it out on your own.



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