no more jet lag excuses

Not that I’m not tired anymore, but they say (who exactly?) that jet lag lasts one day per hour. So since Israel is 7 hours away, I had a week to get over it. So here we are.

I’ve had a lot to write about, but a lot I couldn’t. I’ll try to be smart about what I will, but I can’t promise.

I just can’t blame the jet lag anymore.

Recently, someone told me how her husband won’t let her wear button-down shirts because they’re too manly. Not that there not feminine enough, but I guess he thought that they were too much like beged ish, men’s clothing.  She told me that’s what her husband thinks, not that a rabbi told them or anything. Mind you, when she told me that, guess what I was wearing? But no guy would ever wear that J Jill shirt, believe me!

So the whole thing was quite humorous, really because I reflected whether ISHI would ever make such a comment about anything I was wearing. Oh, he does say I look nice from time to time, but I’m sure I’d be hardpressed to remember the last time he made a comment about my clothing choices…especially without being prodded.

And I think that most men are somewhat oblivious. They know when they like something because of the whole effect, but I just can’t imagine most men saying “I wish you’d wear this or that.” But that’s my experience. I think it’s true that the girls dress up for each other.

And the boys just do the boogie-woogie

On the corner of the street.


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