world of candy

This is the translation for an aisle at Rami Levi, the huge supermarket, relatively new in the Gush.

I guess I should capitalize it; that’s how important it is here in the Holy Land.

Or is it the holey land?

Sorry; can’t resist judging. I’ll try harder now, I promise.

It’s quite a phenomenom, the sugar fixation here. We knew that someone we had met was truly an Israeli when we saw how he took his coffee–a little cofee with a cup full of sugar. We couldn’t tell until then from his accent or his inflection.

Was it indicative of anything else? Not really. But it has to affect them somehow. Is it because life is so bitter here? Not really. Is it that food is not tasty and somehow needs improvement? Not at all. I’m baffled by it, really.

We went to visit an Israeli couple and their little girl a few days ago. She was very proud of her book Sefer HaSucariot. The Book of Candy. It’s enormous, many pages, full of stories,  songs, poems, and illustrations about candy, promoting sugar, as if it needed any help.

She has learned the refrain “When I am 5 years old, I will be able to have…”



I can’t criticize. I can’t judge. I’m not in their shoes.

I can only wonder.


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