all roads lead to the opening of hope

Driving to the airport this evening was gratefully uneventful. We left after rush hour, so the traffic was heavy enough but manageable. There was one traffic accident, but it didn’t look like anyone got hurt. We wanted to leave early enough to avoid problems returning our rental car. Every time we have rented a car in Israel, it seems that they change the procedure and location of returning it. You can guess that we don’t do it every time or that often. But consistency is all I ask!


Our friends suggested htat we go to the main gate and drop off all our luggage with one of us, while the other one goes to return the car.


We have found that 2 heads are better than one, or 2 fools are better together, even if perhaps we could manage it on our own.

We were thrilled to see, therefore, this time they had lots of orange signs, easy to recognize and find, to follow to the rental car area in Terminal 1. But wouldn’t you know, once you get to the general area, there is another rotary and then a sign for the road to Petach Tikvah. In case you were unclear on the reference of the title, the town Petach Tikvah translates to “Opening of Hope”.

Hah indeed!

What made it even funnier was that we had such a hard time last week actually getting to Petach Tikvah when we wanted to, and yet tonight it seems it would have been so easy. If we only believed…

But it was still a bit more difficult to get to the next turn to the car lot, but finally! There it was! But how do you return to Eldan? We had to stumble around a bit more, because, of course, that wasn’t marked. All the others were…

We made it; we got on the shuttle; and we’re waiting for our flight. The point that always gets me (with the way that the airport is set up now) is the point where the passengers coming into Israel meet with the ones who are leaving, like us. Transition is seemingly easy and yet…

By the way, ironically enough, the car that we rented was a Focus. That really was the theme of our trip. If you didn’t, you could really get lost.

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