do you have to be crazy to live in Israel?

Or does it make you once you’re here?

It’s crazy windy here today in the Gush. Yesterday was so gorgeous that we ate outside for lunch and ISHI got a bit of a sunburn, even with his hat on. I didn’t, even without a brim on my hat. Figures. But by dessert time, the winds had started so strong that it wasn’t comfortable to stay outside. Then the winds kept picking up more and more. And by this morning, the winds were so crazy insanely strong.

And when we were in the car, we saw one Israeli woman walking with her baby in her pouch (thankfully with a blanket over) and a toddler in the stroller, and they were strolling along. Okay, what’s the choice? They had to be somewhere and they weren’t going to let a little wind stop them.

And so it makes them stronger.

Fierce, perhaps.

And perhaps I’m just very spoiled. Yeah, just perhaps.

And then we saw a man walking. No coat.

Now that’s just crazy.

Even writing this blentry has been a challenge. The electricity has been going off about a million times since I started this and I can’t save or refresh. So inconvenient.

The intensity of this country overwhelms me sometimes.

When I’m here.

Someone told me how she dropped her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild off one evening, full moon, last summer, in Tekoa. They took off hiking down the mountain.

To the Dead Sea.




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