economics of love

ISHI has spent an inordinate amount of time lately with couples in trouble. I have been not writing about this because it’s painful to observe and I haven’t figured out what to write about it, not that I’ve figured out yet, either. But today being Valentine’s Day, I figure it’s about the best time to do so or forever hold my peace.

Or is it piece?

No, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, if you were going to ask me. It’s the same thing as Mothers’ Day. We’re not commanded to respect our mothers one day a year. And the comparison is extremely apt, actually. The commercialization of these days is the same thing that gets marriages in trouble. And so people, ironically, are more into weddings than they are into marriage. Weddings are bigger business than ever. I guess the old thing of hope springing eternal is hard at work here.

But that’s the problem. Hope is at work, but people aren’t. Marriage is hard. Or it is easy. But it is never the same and you can’t predict or anticipate everything that is going to happen that will affect how you feel.

Or can you?

There is a new book out Spousonomics that claims to be able to do that through economic models. I’m curious but not convinced. I will probably read the book, but I also might wait to get it out from the library.

I could write my own book (yes, why don’t I?) and I should, really, I know. But I’m not convinced I know the TRUTH. I know I’m very lucky to have found a great mate, and I’m very lucky that I had great role models in my parents, and I’m very lucky that I am quick to get angry but have learned to get over myself pretty quickly. Well, most of the time. But I’m also very lucky that I keep learning and relearning and re-looking at the world and really what it comes down to is grateful.


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