does this look like too much pepper to you?

A while back, I wrote about ISHI’s food limitations. And wouldn’t you know it? I forgot something. He basically doesn’t eat spicy. He manages onions, thank G-d, and garlic and ginger and yes a lot of things that many can’t, but I do love my spicy. And he can’t handle the spice. Usually, I just cook fairly blandly and then I reach for the mustard and the hot sauce for my own dish.

It’s not that I forgot that tonight, but my hand was a little bit heavy when I started pouring out the pepper while finishing my stir-fry. Maybe I thought it was garlic powder, which I’m very liberal with, or even ginger. Maybe I was distracted. But too much for sure, maybe even for me. So I fished out most of the offensive veggies, which thankfully were right in the middle (I basically dumped, not sprinkled). I’ll wash them off and eat them, but still maybe it was too much. But maybe it will be okay when we mix it with the quinoa later, but maybe not.

So what is the suggestion of the experts?

I googled “too much pepper.”

Chowhound suggested adding lemon juice and sugar. Other sites also mentioned butter or dairy.


I added winter squash.

He said it’s fine.

Maybe a little spicy.

Who wants to bet that he’ll reach for the Prilosec later on?


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