death by committee

When I checked google, there were “about 11,600,000 results” for this topic.


A lot of the work that I do is sending information to people, waiting to hear back from them, getting information, and then having to correct the false information that they seemed to have gleaned from…

well, not from me!

I’ve complained about people’s inexactitude before and probably will again. You won’t find it tagged under gratitude, but maybe under-grateful.

But I must admit that also there is a large difference in volunteer positions in the community and paid positions. People are just very sloppy when it comes to volunteerism.

Let me rephrase that: some people are very sloppy when it comes to volunteerism. Yes it’s February and it is the cruelest month this year and thankfully the shortest, but I have to bite my tongue dealing with…

Okay now I’ll say it.


They are all white rabbits; they don’t read the whole statement; they just look at the first thing and do the fastest thing as a response. And then they run around like…

Well, like rabbits.

I just ran a very successful night for our mikveh; not so much in terms of money raised but in good spirit and good faith for women from all over. It was lovely. On the other hand, I’m dealing with a bunch of (just say it) men for another event and they keep sabotaging every step of the project. There are too many people involved and they all won’t give their little part up, but the parts don’t coordinate. And they don’t seem to care because they’ve done their part. It’s ridiculous. So I told them I’m wiping my hands of it because they don’t need my help. And clearly they don’t.

They can mess it up very well without me.

The good news is that it’s for an event that will happen when I’m not here.  The even better news is that outsiders won’t really know how badly it was organized. (And you won’t tell, will you?) Seams won’t show.

That’s the beauty of the mishkan, of course; the seams of the curtains did show and they were flawless. Obviously they were miraculous.

Okay I’ve vented. Do I feel better?

Now that would be a real miracle, wouldn’t it?


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