early this morning i had the strangest dream

(with apologies to Ed McCurdy and Arlo)

Does anyone have dreams at night? Or at least ones that they remember? I’m not the soundest sleeper, so you’d think that I’d remember a dream in the middle of the night, if I had one, but since I don’t…

There. Sound proof for no dreaming until the morning, early morning, when you get rudely woken up by a spouse who is coming back from shul. No he isn’t rude. He isn’t able to be quieter, really. It’s his shoes, his clump clump of his heavy shoes across the hall.  Or the fact that I’m coming out of that REM-stage and okay ready to wake up.

So this morning’s dream was really odd. The first thing I remember was hearing an announcement that was coming from a nearby intercom, like from a school. An Israeli woman (in that particularly shrill voice that many older Israeli women have, sorry but it’s true) said “If you have left your sheet on the clothesline, go get it because it’s raining.”

Now please note that I live in a snow zone; I knew snow was forecasted for today and it is still snowing. Another foot, footandahalf, what’s the difference at this point?

Okay, the next thing I knew was that an Israeli who is living here for a few years walked into our house with his wet sheet and asked if he could use our dryer. I felt mildly ill because I wasn’t covering my hair and then of course was the part about him walking into our house without knocking.

“Sure, help yourself!”

“By the way”, he adds, “I was hoping to learn how to make authentic chopped herring. Can you teach me?”

Hmmm.  Not usually in my repertoire, since ISHI doesn’t eat apples.

“Sure, why not? Why don’t you come for Shabbat with your family, also?”

Why not? I weirdly in my dream remembered that we are having another family over for lunch and I would not put the two families together if I had a choice.

But apparently I do not.

So do you think I’m going to call this Israeli family to come over?

Why not?

But not for this Shabbat.


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