old age/new contrasts

Last week, after visiting my FIL, ISHI and I went to the bathrooms on the first floor before leaving. We were going to visit the art museum and make a day of it, in honor of our Hebrew anniversary. The nursing home makes the amazing effort of having original artwork in this space next to the shul/auditorium, which is next to the bathrooms we were using.  I often wonder if the art is for the residents, the various workers, the visitors, or the donors, but that’s another matter.  I enjoy it, and it’s a nice feeling to visit there sort of to gather myself back after a visit. And that time, as we were setting off to the art museum, it should have been a nice transition.

But another thing that’s in that space is a machine that enlarges print. And sitting at the machine was a man, presumably a resident, using the machine to look at the newspaper.  Great–that’s a great use of it, for him to keep up with the world.

Until I noticed that what he was actually reading was an obituary.

But, yes, that is his world.

Fast-forward to this past Sunday when we went to visit my FIL with D#1 and family.  And our big girl sees the same machine, but decides to use it for other purposes.  And let’s say that she redeemed it for me.

Here’s some photos of her discoveries.  Can you guess what she’s actually viewing?

and here’s another view:

She was able to make me think about the future and that we all can enjoy the art of this world a little bit more.


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