Remember what I said about reading comments?

I found myself linked to a book called Epiphany through a website that I usually enjoy.  But what can I say?  The title sort of led me off to begin with, since there is a person in my life who used to use that word ad nauseum (I mean really nauseum!) until let’s just say that it’s pretty much a Pavlovian reflex for me to gag when I hear that word.  It’s almost always OVERUSED, OVERABUSED, and OVERRATED.

So I looked to see if people were so inclined and I found a woman who said it beautifully in her review comment:

I *love* memoirs, and I really like reading about life-changing insights, so I expected this book to be life-changing. And it *was* very interesting. However, I realized about fifthy pages in that what is defined as an epiphany for one person is not necessarily ground-breaking or inspiring for another, so there was actually very little in this book that changed my thinking, or made me want to put further thought into what was being shared. For instance, several of the doctors and scientists discussed the moment that inspired them to go into their specific field, and while some of it was very captivating, not much of it resonated deep within me.

I think one person’s epiphany may just be another person’s light reading. After about thirty of the epiphanies, I started feeling like I was reading a stack of magazine profiles about the beginning of people’s careers. And that’s fine. But I like to be challenged and I like a book to grab me and capture me and make me want to keep reading. This book felt like it was something that could be picked up from time to time for brief reading, but not something you want to set aside time to read for hours on end.

Insightful and interesting, but not very life-changing or enlightening.

But in the mean time, look at the work that this woman produces!  I think it’s something that you could look at for hours on end!


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