How do you read this article?

Looking like a liberal
The eyes, a new study says, are windows to a person’s political beliefs. When two people converse, their gazes commonly wander, and each will often glance to see what the other is looking at. University of Nebraska researchers found that liberals are more likely to follow these “gaze cues” than conservatives are. The researchers asked subjects to view a face on a computer screen; from time to time another object would appear elsewhere on the screen. If the face appeared to be looking at the new object, subjects with politically liberal views were much faster to follow the face’s gaze, to see what it was looking at. The authors theorize that conservatives place a higher value on personal autonomy than liberals do, and so are less likely to be interested in other people’s opinions—hence their disinterest in gaze cues. The study doesn’t establish whether political orientation determines a person’s interest in other views or vice versa, psychologist and study author Michael Dodd tells, but it’s “another piece of evidence that biology can influence political temperament.”

You can also read an extended article here in Yahoo (the link to LiveScience seems to be broken.  Oh well.)  It states further:

The results are correlational, meaning there’s no way to know whether your tendency to pay attention to others influences your political beliefs or whether political beliefs change behavior.

Correlational, huh?  I read it one way and ISHI read it completely the opposite way.  What do you think–was there a hidden bias in the article or does it matter how you correlate it?  Let me know and I’ll reveal which one of us said what (if you couldn’t guess)!


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