So there’s no real great way to write this so I’ll just start plainly and the following.

I’ve just turned 40 and I’m a Jewish Orthodox woman. I’m warm, fun and loving and very committed to Judaism and to Zionism. I’m told that I’m pretty and I choose to believe that;-) I don’t want to give out too much information but I’ve got some really great and cool family members.

Bottom line is I’m not married and I really would like to have children and BH still can – I was recently tested. So here’s the story, I’m looking for a partner to become a joint-parent with me. If you are frum (I assume you know what this means..) and doven and are a Zionist. If you’ve got a stable job and are normal (by my standards.. which are pretty lenient..) then please feel free to contact me at singlefrummom2b@gmail.com .

Of course we’d have to meet and discuss details as to where to live, send kids to school, mutual visitation rights etc.. and everything would have to be written and signed in a contract.

But think about it – you get to have kids with a wonderful Mom and you’re free!! Sounds like a good deal to me.

If you’re interested, drop me a note.


I didn’t write this.  I got it from here at The Muqata blog.  Please read the whole thing, if you will.  The comments get ‘way side-tracked talking about girls vs. women/ladies, but the point that is made about men not being able to make commitments is quite valid.  But beyond, that there must be something more that we can do, we all, married/unmarried.  And when she says “normal”, how wise is that definition, really? And are we ever “free”? I understand that she’s trying harder to “share” parenthood with a father figure, but do you think that this is something that a man will agree to?  Is it better than raising a child on your own?  Possibly, not really maybe. And possibly worse.

Parenthood is hard enough with two parents.  You need the widest circle of support possible.  And when she says “normal”, how wise is that definition, really?

Hmmm.  I seem to be using up possibilities here, don’t I?


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