is the rabbi there?

If he were, don’t you think I’d have him answer the door?  I know who’s there.

Actually, he was there.  But he was exercising.  I guess an alternative title to this would be “EXERCISE WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!”

If you haven’t figured out yet, it was a shnorrer.  He was a more well-behaved fellow than usually comes around; he only rang the bell once.  When I told him the rabbi was not available (that was true), he introduced himself as Rabbi Sephardi soandso (even though he looked like any other Ashkenazi guy that comes out to our lovely boonies to shnorr).  Oh they’ve fallen so far down with them all; the sense of entitlement for being paid to sit.

Sit, dog, sit.

I really wanted to ask him “Did you go to the army?  Do members of your family serve?  How about your yeshiva bochurs?”  But I didn’t.  He asked if I could write a check.  I said no, I don’t write checks.

That’s not true.  I just won’t write checks for any of these guys.  I won’t give them cash, either.  I have a right, as I think I might have mentioned once or twice before, to decide where my tzedakah money will go.   ISHI does what he wants, even though he, too, gets the need to be more wary.

A little later today, the phone rang immediately after I was hanging up from a conversation with D#2 and no ID showed up on the caller ID.  I took a chance, which is rare for me, and said, “Hello?”, since I didn’t know who it was.  “Oh, hello! (probably shocked at getting a live person)  This is soandso tzedakah.  You were kind enough to send us this amount of money last year; can we rely on you again for the same amount?”

“Yes, I got your envelope recently.  I don’t remember ever giving you any money in the past, so I have to check my records.”

“Yes, you did, last year and the year before.”

“Again, I said I don’t remember and I have to check.”

“So can we count on you for the same amount?”

“Sure, if nothing is what I gave before, then I will be happy to give nothing again.”

I’m not sure he heard that.

This isn’t a bad tzedakah organization, but if I didn’t give anything in the past, then it’s not so good.  I’ll figure it out eventually.

Caveat Lector.


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