the challenge of moving

It’s only fair that the other side gets a mention.

We are getting ready to go back home now.  All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go.  No jet plane, thankfully.  We are driving back.  Good weather is all around us.  Good winter weather, which means sunny days and cold nights.  Good to be inside in a car that works and heats up effectively.  Hopefully, no fog, no traffic, no car issues, no worries, except staying awake for the ride home.  We’ve had plenty of all of those over our trips back and forth from the kids’ homes, and we want smooth sailing tonight.

I think I’ll sleep and let ISHI do all the driving.  I haven’t told him yet.  I figure if I just fall asleep in the first five minutes of the trip, he’ll get the hint.

I’m looking forward, once again, to my own bed and my own quiet and my own schedule.  I will miss the little ones, for sure, but that’s why we go here and that’s why we love when they come to us. 

And I have a few wonderful photos and even video clips to last me a little while longer.

Until I need my next fix.


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