it would be funny, if it weren’t so frightening

My FIL has been back in the hospital, unfortunately, with another undiagnosed bleed.  By that I mean that they can’t figure out where exactly the blood is coming from, but they know that he’s losing enough blood to need transfusions once again.  They did endoscopies, a colonoscopy, and still they/the great and mighty they/don’t know what is causing it.

So we had to think.  First of all, he thought maybe it’s the candy that he eats that went down wrong or something.  Not actually a stupid idea at all, since he doesn’t eat–he devours.  He inhales.  He–oh you get the picture.  It’s not a pretty one, so let’s move on.

It’s not the way he eats the candy or anything else that’s the problem, but the balance of the food he eats.  He takes a medicine called Coumadin that works to regulate his heart valve that was replaced a lot of years ago already.  That’s my version of it; I’m sure it’s more complicated.  But the Coumadin is tricky to balance and can easily enough cause a bleed when it’s not in balance.  Actually, I just looked it up and it’s pretty scary stuff.  So if he doesn’t want to eat 3 meals a day, since the food at his place is lousy and has no taste, then he will throw his system off.  Here’s where the candy comes in–we didn’t think of it until he brought it up, and certainly the doctors didn’t.  When he eats candy that ISHI brings him as a treat, he doesn’t take a little bite and savor the moment–he consumes whatever is in front of him.  Of course that ‘s going to throw his blood off!  DUH!!!

The next thing is that I asked whether there was another option other than this Coumadin that seems to be so tricky to regulate.  “Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea.”


But then (I guess the phrase is warranted) this takes the cake today.

He was supposed to get another test at the hospital today just to cover all the bases.  This time, it was going to be an MRI.

Wait a minute, I asked, after the fact.  Can he get an MRI?

Exactly!  NO!  Remember the heart valve thing?  This time, he has to be the one to tell them, “I have a big piece of metal inside me–isn’t that a problem with the MRI?”

“Oh yeah, you’re right.”

!!!!!  and a few other choice symbols, perhaps.

So they did a CAT-scan instead.

It didn’t show anything yet.

But it did show that hospitals are a really really scary place.


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