I need the sarcasm detector, STAT!

In case you can’t tell whether I’m being serious or not, maybe you need it, too. It’s real–you can read about it here, if you haven’t already. Actually, Time magazine called it one of of the 50 best inventions of the year.  Seriously.

Recently I said something somewhat sarcastic as a comment to one of my daughter’s posts on Facebook and a number of her friends (okay, one) thought I was being serious and proceeded to try to help me figure out what she thought I had a problem with.  I further commented that I was, for once, being sarcastic.  The response was that we need a symbol to point that out.  I offered wink-wink, as in ;;.  Or is it the other way around.  ;;

But the reason that I need it now is another article I just read.  Okay, article is a little strong.  Let’s say “my amusement of the day.”  After all, it is National Look at the Bright Side Day!

No, seriously.  I’m not sure where the gift shop goes for this one, but give them time and they’ll figure something out.

Anyway, I’m reading this “thing” that I got to from a link on Torahmusings.  So it has to be serious, right?  (How many times have I used that word today, hmmm…)  Here’s the link to get to read about Harry Potter Puts on Tefillin.

Now, if you know me at all, you might not be surprised to know that I have never read Harry Potter, nor seen any of the movies, nor even Star Wars (I know, random).  But I do know that this actor Daniel Radcliffe does not appear Jewish.  Appear, I emphasize.  So there’s a bunch of banter whether indeed he is Jewish, and the maskanah is that he is, since his mother is Jewish. But the best best comment I have ever read (no sarcasm, really!) follows below:

14. Comment from Marty
Time December 20, 2010 at 1:40 PM

Who is Harry Potter? Matzav is the only website I look at and never heard of Harry Potter. Am I missing something?


Wait!  Where’s that detector?


2 responses

  1. I was just sending a lil sarcastic text to a friend of mine and she didnt quit (uhh spelling – sorry) get what I was saying – and thee worst part is trying to explain via text your own sarcastic joke. I suddenly felt stupid – but just suddenly and it was quick (insert sarcastic symbol here). HAHA – Great post!

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