for you teachers and you learners alike

Once again, we have to dare ourselves to be smarter.

My father needed help getting onto his gmail account.   For whatever reason, his computer did not recognize him when he tried to go on this morning.  He subsequently spent a long time trying to re-sign up for his account, of course with his old password, etc., obviously without success. He was ready to throw the computer out the window, but he resigned to call me instead.  Lucky me, because I knew his password.  He didn’t.  All was restored so he was once again happy.

The reason that I can’t gloat is that I’ve been trying for a while now to figure out how to upload a long video onto Youtube.  I figured out how to change its format.  I even figured out how to use window movie maker to split it up into 12-minute segments.  I even figured out how to put on titles and how to store it.  But Youtube is obviously not mytube.  So I can’t gloat.  I can only try try again.

Or find someone who is willing and able to help me, before I throw my computer out of my window.


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