this makes me unhappy

Another article by Roger Cohen, who loves to find fault with Israel.  I’m not defending the actions of the Israelis who this fellow complains about, but I would also complain about him.

The worst single incident occurred on Ben Yehuda Street in central Jerusalem. Stup, 24, a Columbia graduate, was returning from a rally with a couple of friends carrying a banner that said, “Zionists are not settlers.” A group of religious Jews wearing yarmulkes approached, spat on them and started punching.

“About 20 people saw the whole thing and just watched. They were screaming, ‘You are not real Jews.’ Most of them were American. It was one of the most disappointing moments of my life — you can disagree as much as you want with a banner but to allow violence and not react is outrageous. For me it was a turning point. Nobody previously had said I was not a real Jew.”

Which is what I’m doing here.

The gap widens and we have to do more about it than justify our actions in our own little worlds.

There has to be more to bridge the gaps, all the gaps, between Jewish-secular, Israeli-galus Jew, Jews-nonJews, “settlers”-anyone else.

We’re in deep deep trouble and we all are responsible for the fix.

Have a good Shabbos, even if you aren’t Jewish.  And yes, especially if you are.

Postscript:  Jonathan Tobin agrees with me.  Thanks, man.


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