it’s a miracle, right here in river city!

Well, we could have named our basement that when it flooded back in the spring…

I know, you’re waiting to see if it’s a big deal or not.  I know you’re thinking it couldn’t be a really big deal, or else I would have named it the Hanukkah miracle.

I was thinking about it, but it wasn’t about Hanukkah; it was about timing, though, so maybe it was.  Because Hanukkah was also about timing–when to fight against the Syrian-Greeks; when to say enough was enough with Hellenism; when to clean up the Beit HaMikdash and when to find the oil; when to say we need pure oil and not settle for any olive oil until more could be made, and then the thing with the oil lasting, and the subsequent symbolism with the holiday of Sukkot.

Okay, here it is:

I had done a big shopping today, Costco and then the supermarket to follow up, and I had already split the bags up between what gets stored upstairs and what downstairs, and I had put the bags to go downstairs next to the steps.  I was already on my second trip downstairs when I was happy to hear ISHI clumping down with the remainder of the bags.

No, that wasn’t a miracle–he’s genuinely helpful when he’s around.  But since I was tired, I appreciated the help even more than usual.  As he was putting down his bags, he said, “What’s that gleaming on the floor?”

I, of course, thought it was probably a nail or even some sand mixed with baking soda, with the afternoon light catching  just so.

He then proceeded to bend down and observe.  “It looks like some jewelry.”

Nah, that’s not possible.

Is it?

“It’s an earring.”

It’s an earring!  I had lost it months ago already!  I don’t even remember.  How in the world did it fall out of my ear and stay there, unnoticed, for how many months?

I don’t care.  I’m so happy to have my earrings back together as a pair.  It was one of my favorite ones from Israel that I wore all the time.

נס גדול היה פה

or maybe קטן.

But it shows how timing and luck are quite amazing, and I’m very grateful for even this little thing.


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