no sealed flask of oil, but

I found some treasures while cleaning out an old school bag today.  With all of my kvetching about ISHI and his messes, I realized I should take responsibility for making sure my things were not part of the problem.  So there was one old bag that was hanging out without a home, and before I could put it away, I thought to check the little outside pocket.  Sure enough, just like a little kid, full of collections, forgotten from long ago.  And what was there?  Note paper!  Bottle caps!  Kippah clips!  Beads (that had obviously fallen off of a bracelet, now ‘way forgotten)!  Lint!  And more lint!  (I really don’t remember collecting that…)

And a comic strip, pretty beaten up.  I tried in vain to find it on the internet and then remembered I have my handydandy scanner-printer.  So here it is:

Presentation really does count for something, I guess.  But the message still rings true, after all these years…especially because I had read this article about the value of play this morning. Everything is connected, for sure.


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