aside from almost getting hit while crossing the street,

how was your day, dear?

You could ask me that, if you’d like, and I’d answer “Fine, thank you.”

ISHI dropped me off at the post office after we paid a shiva call.  That will put things into perspective, first of all.  This was for an elderly man who became friendly with my FIL at their mutual assisted living facilities, as well as the father of an old friend, so there was much poignancy to the visit.  He had his wits until close to the end, which makes such a difference.  And he was a thoughtful and wise person who made people feel important.  That is something to emulate.

I finished my business at the post office, returning an item, grateful that the clerk was kind and helpful, not to be taken for granted, unfortunately. Why that should be so hard to do, when it makes such a difference in people’s lives?  Pay it forward, or at least I will try.

So then I was continuing my errands to go to the bank.  It required me to cross the street.  I was doing so, at the crosswalk.  It’s a tricky corner, since it is a K-shape; after crossing the main street, there’s a fork off to the side. That’s what I was trying to go, but I was paying attention to any cars that may have swerved blind-right into me, especially since it was that time of day when the sun is pretty blinding. All of a sudden, a car started taking a wild left turn, and would have gone right into me–I stopped, of course. I don’t even remember how I got her attention, but I threw my hands up in the air, basically saying “What are you doing?”  Then I realized I knew her.

She’s a member of my shul.

And she was probably on her way home from picking up her kiddies at school.

The best news is that I’m not sure that she recognized me.  I hope that’s true. That’s how I’m going to play it, for sure.


2 responses

  1. oh it could be embarrassing to her, which would possibly make things awkward–“oh remember the time you almost hit me? Hahahhaha…”

    that kind of thing.

    but i’m glad i’m okay, too–thanks.

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