twitter for toddlers? really?

You can read more about what they’re going for here, but I think you get the picture pretty easily.

There’s something really wrong with us.

At the wedding I went to the other day, I was holding the little one, since my DIL was holding the big boy and my son was getting ready to sing Im Eshkachech under the chuppah.  And the little one really really needed to go to sleep, but was not making it easy, so I was bouncing her and moving with her and basically was standing in the back of the room.  There was a young woman also standing there.  She seemed to be lost.  I know she didn’t realize she was at a wedding, since she was so busy.   Texting.

Now I know that people watching are not doing all that much while the technical parts of the wedding are performed, but isn’t that the point?  To witness?  To be able to answer the brachot?  To say mazel tov?

You’ve seen the commercial for the new Windows phone where the people are so stuck in their texting that their significant others (or stunned bystanders) say “Really?” to them?  Well, I said, “Really?” to her.  Her response to me was that she was watching the baby (or something in a stroller).



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