if you had to have one of the 3 leaks, which would it be?

What a stupid question.

I don’t understand what people get from those kinds of if games.  Does it really teach you about yourself or does it just teach you to play more games?

So the question comes from the three leaks that happened last week, all of different kinds.  Alternative title: the kinds of machines that we are.

So in the order that they occurred:

  1. I had insisted that before we travel this week, we should get the car really checked out, especially after the almost-flat tire disaster of a few weeks ago.  So we did.  Our mechanic, who is very thorough, needed even an extra day because OMG there were so many things going on with our car.  Or more so, not going on.  There was a leak, which ended up needing a whole big deal of soldering parts together that would have, yes, probably somewhere out on the road in the middle of some mountain range out of cell phone reach, made the car possibly just fall apart.  Oh my.  Thank G-d for good support and thank G-d for timing.
  2. My FIL is once again back in the hospital with dropped hematocrit, probably stemming from a leak as well.  This probably they think is caused by his medicine that he needs to regulate his blood levels ironically enough, but it’s imbalanced due to his lack of fixed eating.  This is ironic upon irony, since he was always the first to eat and would never ever skip a meal.  Now, food doesn’t excite him, so he skips them.  This wreaks havoc on his system.  So we have to have more checks to see that he does indeed eat.  We think he is stable enough for us to travel, but always with nervousness about him, plus whatever else we have to be nervous about, including
  3. What was behind Door #3.  On Friday morning, ISHI smelled gas in the basement, but he didn’t dwell on it, since the day was full of all kinds of other things to worry about (like his father).  But in the afternoon, when he smelled gas outside the house (just as the wind shifted in a certain direction, not noticeable the next), he called the gas company to check it out.  The first guy came pretty quickly (first being another clue, yes) and said that it isn’t in our basement but probably a leak in the gas meter connection next to the house.  Cold weather apparently makes it collect for whatever scientific reason in the house more intensely, so that’s why he did smell it there.  But when he started reconnecting the meter, he saw that indeed it was not the meter but the pipe that leads into the meter.  In other words, potential for one of those freak gas explosions you hear about (rachmoniss) in the news from time to time.  So sure enough, two more guys had to come out from the gas company to take care of that.  I was just panicking about getting my cooking done in time before Shabbat.  “How long will you need (not understanding that all my cooking needed to be done before sunset and we didn’t really want to start explaining that)?”  “How’s 20 minutes?”  “I don’t care; I’ll tell them that if that’s what you need.”

That’s what I needed.  And they needed a little bit longer than that.   After I already lit candles, they came in to relight all the pilot lights.  Thank G-d there was heat for our dinner guests.  Thank G-d the food was completely cooked (if already a little cold) and thank G-d for ISHI’s sensitive nose.

You know those movie clips of things happening all around and people sort of floating through life dodging all the calamities around them without realizing it?  That’s what life is on a regular basis, but we just don’t see it.

And sometimes, we get a glimpse.


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