i love car commercials,

furniture commercials, soap, diapers, even stupid medicine commercials. I love them because they’re not political commercials. I am so happy that Election Day has come and almost gone.  Not because my candidates won. Or lost. Moreso because I’m so sick of the commercialization of the political world. But we Americans are smarter than that, perhaps. We don’t want the negative bashing and that turns us off.  If you authorize such bashing on TV (not to mention all the incessant phone messages; someone should tell them NOT TO CALL ORTHODOX JEWS ON SHABBOS; you’re not likely to get my vote if you make me run to the phone machine to listen if it’s about a loved one), then that’s a good sign about how badly you will treat people in general.

I know; I could turn off the TV. It keeps me company while I cook or clean up from meals. Plus it keeps me sometimes entertained. To a point.

It’s all marketing, I say.

But it’s more than kissing babies!

Isn’t this the best? But it still doesn’t get me to buy their printer! But that’s because I just bought a laserjet.  They still got my money and my admiration. What else could you want?


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